Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Building a Modular Macro Studio

Start with a lab retort stand and some flexible supports to hold lighting and the main flash. A couple of power-supplies to run the cool LED lights and the smaller lateral flashes. Add a generous supply of assorted clothes pegs.

Hang a light-proof backdrop fromn the stand.

A white, black or coloured background.

Light/dark/coloured backsheets can be stacked for easy exchange.

Side walls of diffusive material fitted into wooden blocks serve to reflect the top flash, soften the side flashes and contain the more active subjects.

Stackable ice cream tub lids make useful adjustable stands for the side flashes. BTW The Nikons didn't last and I moved onto three full-size flashes later.

Top lighting can be softened with a diffuser placed on top of the side walls or...

...the flashes own diffuser hood.

A scissor stand provides fine adjustment of height in conjunction with the ubiquitous stacked ice cream tub lids.

Just add camera. I used a table clamp mount with X-Y adjustment - the height is fixed hence the need for the scissor stand to adjust subject's vertical position. Plus flash controller when needed.

Finally make sure your tools are all to hand to prep. the subject and props.

Last, but not least, add something to photograph.

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